We are one Big Ohana!

It’s December! Now the countdown to the holidays begins. This also likely means exams; sorry I had to say it, but the holidays are what we look forward to once we have conquered finals season.

During the holidays, some may decide you need a vacation to get out of the snow. Others are getting ready to spend this time with their family and the 100 questions they ask you about your future. Today, we will talk about the importance of family and Disney movies you should watch to feel the family love (Or watch with your family to distract them).

Disney’s The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride:

Disney's The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride DVD disc
Source: Leo A/ The Dreamer’s Disney Kingdom

With the new trailer for the live action film coming in 2019, journeying back to The Pride Lands with Simba as he leads his own pride is a must especially if you watched the classic first.

This film shows us students that our family may try to protect us from the world but that is only because they love us. The song “We Are One” shows that our family is always there to support us even through the challenges.



Disney & Pixar’s The Incredibles:

Disney & Pixar's The Incredibles Nintendo Gamecube Video Game
Source: Leo A/ The Dreamer’s Disney Kingdom

Not all families are the average people who follow the norms of society. So why should we not let them be who they are.

As students, we may often get embarrassed by our family for showing up at screaming/cheering at events or watching you while your trying to talk to your crush (like seriously though). While we tend to say, “My family is crazy”, what we should really learn from this film is that deep down we would not change who our family is for the world. They are our superheroes who help us when we need it most.

Disney’s Tarzan:

Disney's Tarzan DVD Cover, N64 Game Box and Cartridge
Source: Leo A/ The Dreamer’s Disney Kingdom

Ever have that one song that just brings up all these tears of joy, that is me when I hear Phil Collins sing “You’ll be in my heart”.

As students, this film teaches us that what makes us family is not what’s on the outside but the love we have for each other in our hearts. This love is strong enough that we will stand up to defend those we care about.


Disney’s Lilo & Stitch:

“Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” –Stitch

Disney's Lilo & Stitch Movie cover, Plush Stitch and Plush Angel sitting on a couch.
Source: Leo A/ The Dreamer’s Disney Kingdom

Ending this list with my favorite and must watch family film to watch with your loved ones. This film also shows that any arguments you have with family that may want to keep you away from them this holiday season will only leave you with regrets.

As students, this film teaches us to forgive our loved ones and no matter where they are we should remember how much we love them.

Final Lesson:

This holiday season we must remember to cherish the loved ones we have in our lives. Whether its your special someone, sibling, aunts & uncles, grandparents and parents; they are our support system who wants to see us be successful. Wherever you are, your Ohana is behind you and you can overcome exams knowing that you are not alone.

Leo A

Leo A wearing Stitch Blanket, Stitch T-Shirt and holding Stitch Plush
Thank You Nicole Lynn for the Blanket!           Source: Leo A/ The Dreamer’s Disney Kingdom





Disney’s Acquisitions: A Fine Addition To Your Collection!

Last week had the opportunity to put together the perfect movie list before travelling abroad. Now if travelling the world is not affordable, it does not mean that you will not be able to journey to new worlds.

All it requires is getting snacks, a nice refreshing beverage of your choice and either throwing in that Blu-ray disc or turn on Netflix… for now. Disney is creating its own streaming service called Disney + which is slated to release in 2019.

Until that happens, gather your friends or family to put your collections together and marathon these Disney acquisitions:

Marvel Studios:

Marvel films have taken many new perspectives in determining what is right and wrong. When we were kids, we were taught these values from our parents. Today, we can look at Marvel heroes to help us make those tough decisions. Here’s the story line and let’s look at a few films we students must watch:

Spider-Man Homecoming & Captain America:Civil War movie covers
Source: Leo A/ The Dreamer’s Disney Kingdom
  1. Spider-Man: Homecoming -> Finding the balance between school responsibilities and life responsibilities is always a challenge. As students, we have the power to manage them by staying true to who we are.

  2. Captain America: Civil War -> When making friends or studying in group projects, we may have disagreeing views. These bonds will be tested but if worked on and communication happens; they can be stronger than ever.

  3. Doctor Strange -> Students like us will always seek knowledge form University. It is what we do with that knowledge that matters most.

Lucasfilm/ Star Wars

When Disney made this acquisition, we saw a franchise that brought family generations together with each trilogy be reinvigorated with a new series of films and lessons for us:

Star Wars: Rogue One, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie covers
Source: Leo A/ The Dreamer’s Disney Kingdom
  1. Star Wars: Rogue One -> The odds of success on exams or achieving our goals as students seems like we better give up and drink our sorrows away. It is tough times like this where all we need is hope.

  2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens -> When those we care about most are struggling, it is easy to just run away. Instead as students, being there to listen and support them is all we need to do.

  3. Star Wars: The Last Jedi -> We have made decisions we regret, and they often are tough to live with. As students, we can learn to handle these by accepting our decisions and looking to the future instead of the past.

21st Century Fox:

Disney has recently made this acquisition in 2018 but still being finalized which will make it legal in 2019. There are some key films/TV shows that you should check out before they get Disney’s magic:

TV Show:

The Simpsons The Movie Cover.
Source: Leo A/ The Dreamer’s Disney Kingdom
  1. The Simpsons -> This show has been around so long that there has been both love and hate for it. As students, we can learn from this show that we can create an idea that will last for a long time if we work hard each day.


Deadpool and X-Men Apocalypse Movie Covers
Source: Leo A/ The Dreamer’s Disney Kingdom
  1. X-Men & Deadpool: -> Bringing a few more of Marvel’s creations to the owners of the Avengers leaves so much opportunity. These films can teach us the importance of accepting what some may say different is a gift we should use.

  2. Avatar -> As students we have dreams of making a difference in the world, this can start with something as simple as helping your local university community.

Final Word:

Which Disney acquisition did you like most? What will you watch first?

Disney Ride Guide: Travelling to a Whole New World!

If you could have three wishes, what would you ask for? Chances are these may be having all the knowledge to ace all those exams, your guaranteed dream job and the opportunity to travel the world. Today on national Go For A Ride Day, we may not be travelling to Disney World, but we will use our Disney Movie guide to prepare for an adventure:

Disney & Pixar’s UP:

           “Adventure is out there.” — Ellie Fredricksen

Carl and Ellie Fredrickson from Disney and Pixar's Up laying on a blanket
Source: Giphy

Carl Fredricksen has a passion for adventure from the first time we see him on screen. Carl shares his first adventure with his wife, Ellie, before she passed away. Carl then goes on a whole new adventure with Russel and Dug, which taught him to appreciate every moment in life.


As students, our time at University is an adventure, but it does not mean that it is the finish line. It just shows us that we are ready to find our new journey; travelling abroad or working across the globe after graduation are just a few of the opportunities we have to enjoy life’s wonders.

Disney’s Pocahontas:

Picture of the Blu-Ray cover of Pocahontas 1 & 2
Source: Leo A/ The Dreamers Disney Kingdom

Pocahontas shares this famous line “You think the only people who are people, are the people who look and think like you, but if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew, you never knew.” while singing Colours Of The Wind.

As students who are eager to see the world, we must also open our minds to new experiences. To achieve this, learning about a place’s culture you are visiting can help as a guideline, but it is important to just ride the wave.

Disney’s Aladdin:

Picture of Disney's Aladdin movie
Source: Leo A/ The Dreamer’s Disney Kingdom


Aladdin sings one of the most famous duet songs called A Whole New World. Aladdin could have made a wish to the Genie to just travel the world all alone. Travelling alone does help you grow as an individual by gaining more independence, like the day you got your driver’s license, so you can avoid your embarrassing parents taking you to school. Aladdin knew that travelling by yourself can also be lonely; he wanted to share it with those he cared about.

Whether you travel with family, friends, or significant other; making memories with those around us will make this the time of our lives.

Final Thoughts:

Today, our world is so diverse with different views. By having the technology to contact and visit these unique cultures; students like us can gain experiences that exceed what we can learn in the classroom.




Welcome back, Partner: Toy Story 4 is Coming Soon!

While we are all still enjoying our university life, we often reflect on the nostalgia of our childhood. Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story just released a trailer for its fourth installment this past Monday. With this trailer released, we will look at the trilogy to see how it can help us not only prepare for the next film in 2019, but also for adulthood now.

Toy Story:

Picture of Toy Story 1 DVD
Source: Leo A/ The Dreamer’s Disney Kingdom

The moment you turn this movie on, all of your nostalgic memories will come back as you hear the “You Got A Friend In Me” soundtrack and Andy Davis’s cheerful voice as he rides the chair with Woody in hand. When we were kids, we used to enjoy the wonder of toys being alive much like Andy.  While there are many lessons we can learn from what Woody and Buzz Lightyear go through; as students our real teacher is Andy. Andy is going through a time where he is trying to enjoy every moment, while facing his first challenge, which is a move to a new house.

The lesson from Andy is that while dealing with life’s obstacles, having fun and being creative can help reduce anxiety.

Toy Story 2:

Toy Story 2 DVD cover
Source: Leo A/ The Dreamer’s Disney Kingdom

In this film, at first glance, you would look to Woody’s struggles on where he truly belongs; in last week’s post on future goals this would certainly align well with understanding. The lesson will once again be from Andy, despite that he left for Cowboy camp throughout the film. Andy was going to take Woody along, but his arm was torn. Andy made the choice to go without Woody and learned that plans do not always go the way they expect. Andy not only learned this lesson but also appreciated the new toys, like Jessie and Bullseye when they joined his toy collection.

As students, we will get bad grades or not get that job, but we can grow from it.

Toy Story 3:

Toy Story 3 DVD Cover
Source: Leo A/ The Dreamer’s Disney Kingdom

Changes are coming for the toys as they are now just sitting in a toy box waiting for the day Andy will play with them once more. The emotion in this film is truly heightened when you see Andy having to make the decision of what to do with his toys as he prepares for college. It is Andy at this point in our lives where he resonates with university students like us who are facing challenges like living away from home, taking on adult responsibilities and planning our future.

As students, Andy showed us that it will be difficult to give up what makes us comfortable, but we will always remember the memories. Spending time with kids and behaving like a kid can help bring back that imagination which will help us achieve our dreams.

Toy Story 4 and Final Thoughts:

If you have not seen the new trailers, Check them out here trailer one and trailer two.

Now I would like to hear your thoughts on the new trailers? Which Toy Story character do you relate most to?




Disney Guide: Steps To The Future

Last week you found a way to add a little Disney magic into your lives with cool merchandise. Just before that you turned procrastination into motivation.

Now that you got your confidence back, it’s time to learn how Disney can prepare you for life after completing your undergraduate degree. Today, you will finally have an answer to “Will you get a job with that degree?” or “Will you go do a Master’s?”.

Step 1: Let your heart and conscience be your guide

Disney's Pinocchio and his cat Figaro playing ball in the house
Source: Pixabay.com

Before you can answer those questions, you need to ask yourself: “Who am I?” To truly understand what you desire, you need to determine the type of person you want to be. Disney’s Pinocchio was a puppet who decided he wanted to be a “real boy,” but what steps he needed to take to achieve this goal were unclear. Pinocchio was told by Honest John and Gideon, that being rich and famous were the keys to living a successful life. Often this sounds too familiar to being asked “Why are you not a rich doctor or famous actor?” The lesson here is that when making decisions about your future, making wealth and power the focus will not ultimately satisfy you.  Disney’s Cinderella sang that “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes”; this dream does not mean you should marry royalty. Cinderella teaches us that we should listen to our heart, because when our hearts are happy; we are on track to achieving our dreams.

Step 2.1: I’m almost there after more school

Pursuing higher education may be the best step for you, because it can allow you the time to discover who you want to be. Disney’s The Princess and The Frog shows your dreams are possible, so long as you are passionate, persistent and resilient to obstacles that challenge you. Tiana’s dream of owning her own restaurant inspired her to pursue a career she earned for herself; his choice to take the long road over the quick easy path to royalty like her friend Charlotte La Bouff. When pursuing a master’s degree, the lesson from Tiana is that you may have to work hard every day, even if it means giving up on that night out. Giving up on a night out means believing in yourself, knowing that you will fight to have a future filled with many nights out.

Step 2.2: I’ve got a dream job

Disney's Tangled Wii game cover with Flynn Rider, Rapunzel, Pascal and Maximus on the cover
Tangled Wii Game Cover Leo A/ The Dreamer’s Disney Kingdom

When you think back to your childhood, you can likely recall some of the jobs you envisioned pursuing, like becoming an astronaut. Today, we are told to be more realistic; to do this we need to look at how to find jobs we want but are within reach. Disney’s Tangled character Flynn Rider highlights another key lesson for us. Flynn Rider learns throughout the film that his dream of being “On an island that I own, tanned and rested and alone, surrounded by enormous piles of money,” is no longer his dream. The lesson is that changing your career is perfectly normal and you should not feel ashamed to try something new that matches the person you want to be.


What are your dreams? Comment on how you will make them come true.

Disney Merchandise for University Students

Sara Warner
Author: Sara Warner,  A Daughter’s Perspective

As someone who grew up watching Disney, I can appreciate rediscovering this core part of my childhood in my adulthood.

No matter how old you are, Disney can always be applicable to your life, especially for University students like us.

University can be stressful and overwhelming, so watching a feel-good Disney classic can help brighten your mood and take your mind off school for a bit.

Beyond movies, Disney offers a wide range of merchandise that are perfect for University students.

Here are my top four Disney products for University students:

  1. Chip Mug – Beauty and the Beast
Chip Mug
Disney’s Beauty and The Beast- Chip Coffee Mug Source: ShopDisney.Com

As students, we rely heavily on coffee to wake us up in the morning for class and to study for exams. What better way to drink your coffee than in this adorable Chip mug! Trust me, on days when you’re stressed from school, drinking out of this mug will make you feel chipper!

  1. Mickey Mouse Icon Wine Glass
Mickey Mouse Wine Glass
Disney’s Mickey Mouse Icon Wine Glass Source: ShopDisney.Com

After a long week of school, us students need to celebrate with a night out; so, raise your glass and cheers with this elegant Mickey Mouse wine glass! Also available in Minnie Mouse

  1. “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” Laptop Sticker
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes Laptop Sticker
Disney’s Cinderella “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” Sticker Source: Redbubble.com

Us students can’t live without our laptops, so why not spice up your boring laptop with a motivational Disney quote! You can even stick it on your notebook.

  1. “He Lives in You” The Lion King Wall Tapestry
He Lives In You Lion King Tapestry
Disney’s The Lion King “He Lives In You” Wall Tapestry Source: Redbubble.com

What better way to decorate your new dorm room than with this beautiful Lion King wall tapestry? It’s just what you need to make your room roar!

More Disney mugs and wine glasses can be ordered online at www.shopdisney.com or purchased in person at the Disney store located in Masonville Place. More Disney stickers and wall tapestries can also be ordered online at www.redbubble.com


Disney Motivational Steps: You Can Go the Distance!

Last week we touched on the positive influence Pixar movies can have in teaching us how to cope with out emotions. This week, I am going to make you students so pumped and ready to change the world! Today is the day! No matter how low your spirits may be, I have a few Disney spells to make go from “Zero to Hero” just like that.

Step 1: Motivational Disney Quotes

In this step, read the following Disney quotes and find one that speaks to you.  These quotes have motivated me to smile more and worry less:

Hercules Movie Pic
Leo A/ The Dreamer’s Disney Kingdom Disney’s Hercules Blu-Ray Combo Pack
  • “”No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it.” – The Emperor Of ChinaMulan

  • “A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.” – ZeusHercules

  • “Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.” – RafikiThe Lion King

These quotes have three key lessons:

  1. Obstacles will continue to come your way, but you can be steady in the face of change.
  2. No matter who tries to bring you down, you are unique, and your heart is the best way you show that.
  3. Learning from your mistakes will teach you how to grow and prepare yourself for the future.

Step 2: Disney Songs Playlist

Now that you’ve got those warm, fuzzy feelings, it’s time to learn how to walk with confidence from your own Disney mix! The trick is to find a balance of motivational lyrics and upbeat tunes. Here are a few must-haves that are always on my playlist:

Now you’ve got your confidence and tunes. Let’s add in some fun.

Step 3: Disney Themed Activity

When it comes to Disney activities, its always best to gather a fun crew to sail through a night filled with memories with. Here are a couple ideas for when you’re with friends and when you’re riding solo:

With Friends:

  • Disney Karaoke: That’s right, Students! Grab your friends and start showing off your skills or at least enjoy some laughs.

  • Disney Drinking Game: There are many different versions available online. Will leave you asking, “Why is the Rum gone?”.


  • Writing a fan fiction: Ever wonder if Tarzan married a Gorilla. Well why not make it a reality.

  • Marathon…Of Disney Movies: Need I say more.

I can’t wait to hear what quotes, songs and activities you love most. Comment them below.